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The Boy Who Ran With Wolves ch 02 :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 27 9
The Boy Who Ran With Wolves ch 01
It was supposed to be a routing night training exercise: patrol the perimeter of the Hale house and try not to get tackled by Derek.  Seems simple, sure, but being the only born werewolf in the Pack gave Derek the upper hand.  
The Pack lounged in front of the house while waiting for Derek to give the order to head out.  The training exercise allowed for partners and for once Derek let them pick and choose.
Scott and Stiles were paired up because Lydia had claimed Allison as her partner.  Scott sulked, Stiles told him to man up.  Boyd and Erica teamed up so that left Isaac with Jackson.  After being turned into a werewolf you'd think Jackson would be less of a douche. You'd be wrong.
"Why do I have to be partnered with Isaac?  Stiles, switch partners with me!"
"What, no!  You may be captain of the lacrosse team--"
"Co-captain!" shouts Scott.
"-- but here you can't tell me what to do!  Besides, I'm
:iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 47 6
Jared Smells Pit by Kitsunechan Jared Smells Pit :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 11 6 Misha and Jared and MOKONA by Kitsunechan Misha and Jared and MOKONA :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 21 29 Desktop 01.26.09 by Kitsunechan Desktop 01.26.09 :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 0 0 Inappropriate Pic with Dakota by Kitsunechan Inappropriate Pic with Dakota :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 0 6 Nice Pic with Dakota by Kitsunechan Nice Pic with Dakota :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 0 0
Sam Watches What?
“Dude, what are you watching?”
Sam nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of his brother.  Damn, he’s sneaky when he wants to be.
“Nothing,” Sam replies as he tries to turn the laptop off.
“That’s not nothing Sam.  What are you so ashamed of that you don’t want me to see, huh?” Dean asks with a smirk.  Sometimes Sam just wants to punch that smirk off his face.
Dean tries to confiscate the laptop away from Sam and succeeds.  Sam stands up immediately.
“Dean, give it back!”
“No.  Not until I find out what’s got your panties in a twist, Samantha.”
With that Dean runs into the bathroom and locks the door.
“I might be a while.  I’m thinking of also visiting some of my favorite websites.  Why don’t you order us some pizza!” Dean shouts through the closed door.
“Dude, that’s gross.”
Seeing as he has nothing else to d
:iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 13 28
Pirate_Argh by Kitsunechan Pirate_Argh :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 0 3 Captain Jack Wallpaper_052508 by Kitsunechan Captain Jack Wallpaper_052508 :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 1 6 SPN Con 07 by Kitsunechan SPN Con 07 :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 1 15 Gargoyle Girl Sketch by Kitsunechan Gargoyle Girl Sketch :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 1 2 Randomness by Kitsunechan Randomness :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 1 2 Phoenix Elf Lineart by Kitsunechan Phoenix Elf Lineart :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 2 3 My First ID EVER by Kitsunechan My First ID EVER :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 0 2 My FB Desktop by Kitsunechan My FB Desktop :iconkitsunechan:Kitsunechan 1 1


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sorry I've been MIA.  No laptop meant no easy/fun way to access DA.  

Hopefully I'll be on more often. ;)


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Angela Corral
United States
Child number 3 of 7, I pride myself in being the weird child.

I have a healthy obsession with the TV show Supernatural.

Conventions are a great way to meet people. I attend several conventions a year: Supernatural, Stargate, Anime.

I enjoy writing more so than drawing, only because I feel I don't have as many talents in the category. I do like to draw, but it never comes out the way I want it to. I know, I know, practice makes perfect. I'd rather write tho. :)

I am also on Tumblr, my screen name is kitsunehi13. I'm pretty random on there, but it's mainly Supernatural related.

Not too sure what else to write... so I'll just let you ask questions if you have any. ^_~


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